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Choosing your
Application Method

There are two main options for placing your logo or branding onto a garment. Embroidery or printing. Here’s a whizz through each method to help you make your decision.

If you’d rather speak to our team or have another question, contact us by phone, email or on our socials.


This is an ideal method for a punchy and colourful logo application. The end result is a slightly raised, 3D effect achieved by using our computerised embroidery machine. We program your logo and the machine does the work. It ensures each item comes out bright, beautiful and consistent. By using good quality clothing brands, thread and machines, every item comes out to the highest quality to reflect your business brand.

It works best on polo shirts, blouses, aprons, tabards, or jackets. It’s more suited to certain fabrics than others.

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Workwear Printing

An ideal option for your work clothing if you want bold and complex designs. It’s a durable option and creates the brightest colours for stand-out branded work gear. We have three options:




Screen Printing

We recommend screen printing for more significant designs with multiple vivid colours and large quantities. Each colour is layered onto the garment using mesh screens. It’s dried by heat lamp between each layer, ensuring a sharp finish and durable design.
This is an excellent option for hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts with big, colourful logos or branding.

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)
Printing directly onto your garment using specialist inkjet technology is ideal for very complex designs or multi-coloured logos. It’s similar to how a computer prints, just on material rather than paper. High-quality inks are literally printed onto the material, which then absorbs them before a fixing agent is applied. It’s worth noting you may need to wash these items before wearing them, as they can have a residual chemical smell straight after printing.

It works well on t-shirts and hoodies, and we’d recommend it for intricate designs.



Heat Transfer
If your branding or logo is a more simple design or has only a couple of colours, this method would work really well for you. Our machines cut out each specific shape of your design to create individual transfers. Each vinyl transfer is applied to a garment and heat-sealed onto the material. It’s a lower-cost option for simple designs and works for both small and large print runs.

It can be used on all materials except fleece and wool. We’d recommend it for any Hi-Viz garments.

Go eco!

We’re always looking for ways to make Workwear Innovation more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

If you are particularly keen to use recycled, organic or sustainable materials, printing methods or embroidery thread, please get in touch to chat about your options.